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|Friday| Alcohol reactions

Posted in Vinum Vine by Vinum Vine on September 11, 2009

Wine to vinegar.

1.  Ethanol.  Active group is an alcohol, observed as R-COH.  Toxic to human.
2.  Acetaldehyde.  Active group is an aldehyde, observed as R-CH=O.   An unstable intermediate.  It cannot be replaced by a nucleophile.
3.  Acetic Acid.   Active group is a carboxyl, observed as R-COOH.  It can be replaced by a nucleophile.

C2H6O (Ethanol) → C2H4O (Acetaldehyde) → C2H4O2(Acetic Acid)  + Acetyl-CoA + 3H2O+2CO2

Reverse reaction:

Acetic acid ->(LiAH4 or DIBAH) -> Acetaldehyde  –> (NaBH4) -> Ethanol

Acetic acid -> (Sodium SG /Silica gel/distillation) –> Ethanol

Acetaldehyde binds to hemoglobin, inhibits prostaglandin, and give the effects of hypoxia.

Alcohol is  toxic and does not taste good.


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