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|Tuesday| Dionysus (Bacchus)

Posted in Wine by Vinum Vine on July 11, 2012

DIONYSUS | Διόνυσος

– Greek God of Grapes Harvest, wine making, madness and ecstasy,and wine.
– A dying God.
– God of epiphany.
– Have 14 wives.  Aphrodite is one of them.
– Among the twelve Olympians.
– His parties inspired Greek theaters.
– Trained by Silenus, a consumer of wine.
– A handsome and sensual man-womanish.
– Have the ability to grant the Midas Touch.
– Born by two mothers:  Zeus and Semele (mortal woman), or Zeus and  Persephone (Greek underworld woman in Cretan version).
– Cult of the souls and blood offering.
– Divine communicant between the living and the dead.
– Have a lot of epithets (e.g. Acratophorus, Acroreites, Adoneus, Aegobolus, Aesymmetes, Agrios, Bromios, Dendrites, Dithyrambos, Eleutherios, Endendros, Enorches, Erikryptos, Evius, Iacchus, Liknites, Lyaeus,  Melanaigis, Oeneus, Pseudanor)
–  Also know as BACCHUS (Βάκχος)


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