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|Wednesday| Fergie

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|Friday| What kind of wine goes with lutefisk?

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Although wine is sometimes regarded unsuitable to be served with lutefisk, a sweet white wine like a relatively young Sauternes or a medium-bodied, light and acidic red wine like young Bordeaux or fruity Beaujolais may accompany it. In fact, the combination of Sauternes and lutefisk is highly praised by many lutefisk connoisseurs. Mature, “caramel-flavoured” Sauternes is not recommended, as well as mature, full-bodied and mellow red wines, as lutefisk gives them a metallic taste.


|Thursday| Les Misérables

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Oh my friends, my friends, don’t ask me,
What your sacrifice was for!
Empty chairs at empty tables
Where my friends will drink no more

– Marius


Drink with me to days gone by
To the life that used to be
At the shrine of friendship, never say die
Let the wine of friendship never run dry
Here’s to you and here’s to me

– Revolutionaries

|Thursday| Wine table

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Vine table

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|Wednesday| Grape diseases.

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Xanthomonas ampelina
Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Xylella fastidiosa


Alternaria alternata
Pseudopezicula tetraspora
Mycosphaerella angulata
Cercospora brachypus
Elsinoe ampelina
Aspergillus niger
Botrytis cinerea

Phytoplasma | Virals

Alfalfa mosaic virus
Arabis mosaic virus
Artichoke Italian latent virus
Bois noir (black wood disease)
Bratislava mosaic
Broad bean wilt virus
Grapevine Virus B
Grapevine fanleaf virus
Fleck (Marbrure)
Grapevine Bulgarian latent virus
Grapevine chrome mosaic virus
Peach rosette mosaic virus
Petunia asteroid mosaic virus
Raspberry ringspot virus
Rupestris stem pitting
Shoot necrosis
Sowbane mosaic virus
Strawberry latent ringspot virus
Tobacco mosaic virus
Tobacco necrosis virus
Tobacco ringspot virus
Tomato black ring virus
Tomato ringspot virus
Vein mosaic
Yellow speckle

Nematodes | Parasites

Tylenchulus semipenetrans
Xiphinema americanum
Xiphinema spp.
Xiphinema index
Pratylenchus spp.
Pratylenchus vulnus
Longidorus spp.
Paratylenchus hamatus
Rotylenchulus spp.
Criconemella xenoplax
Meloidogyne arenaria
Meloidogyne hapla
Meloidogyne incognita
Meloidogyne javanica
Helicotylenchus spp.
Paratrichodorus christiei
Tylenchorhynchus spp.


Berry rot
Black measles
Esca (Apoplexy)
Little leaf
Oxidant stipple
Rupestris speckle
Stem necrosis

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