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|Wednesday| Italian Red Grape Varietals

Posted in Vinum Vine, Wine by Vinum Vine on March 27, 2013

Aglianico:  Known as the “Nebbiolo of the South”, the centuries old Anglianico grape derives its name from Ellenico, a clue that the Greeks brought the grape into Italy in 700 B.C.  Depth of flavor, longevity, and cheap.

Barbera:  Versatile Italian red grape produces lighter style wines with cherry and raspberry fruit flavors and aromas, intermingled with rustic spice.  Producing medium to full bodied wines when aged in oak barrels, but the majority are made in the fresh and fruity, easy drinking wstyle with soft tannins.  Thrives on rolling hillsides surrounding the villages of Asti and Alba within the Piedmont.

Brachetto:  Distinctive aromatic light red grape variety found in Piedmont region.  Produces lightly fizzy wines with rich red color and aromas of raspberry, strawberry, and chocolate.

Canaiolo:  A red wine grape grown in Tuscany, Umbria, Latium, Marche, and Emilia-Romagna regions.  Slightly bitter.

Cannonau:  From Sardinia and Spain.  Produces wines high in alcohol and extract, similar to rich Grenache or Zinfandel.

Corvina:  Full bodied reds of Amarone as well as light easy drinking and fruity reds of Valpolicella.  Flavors and aromas very but are primarily cherry and raspberry for the lighter-style reds to dark raisin fruit with hints of almond and earth in the fuller bodied Amarone.

Dolcetto:   Light, easy drinking reds which are filled with sweet red fruit flavors and aromas, including ripe cherry and currants. Native to Piedmont.

Lagrein:  Red wine grape grown in Trentino Alto Adige region.  Deep, dark reds, and have wonderful chocolate nuances and rich fruit flavors.

Nebbiolo:  Big, full bodied wines with intense concentration and firm tannins.  Flavor include dark fruit, blackberry, smoke tar, licorice, rustic notes .  Wine of northern Italy, Barolo and Barbaresco.

Negro Amaro:  From Puglia region.  “Black bitter” refers to the dark skins and bitter taste of the grape.  Intense aroma with flavors of red fruit, wines, acidic and full in the mouth.

Malvasia Nera:  See Malvasia.

Monica:  Sardinian grape from Spain.  Rich, alcoholic wines reminiscent of California’s Zinfandel.

Primitivo:  Had a relationship with Zinfandel in late 1960s when Austin Goheen noticed a strong resemblance between two vines while traveling in Apulia.  Two are genetic the same according to Carole Meredith.

Sagrantino:  Lively, tannin red grape grown in Umbria particularly in the Montelfalco area.

Sangiovese:  From Tuscany.  Crisp, lively, savory, cherry fruit flavors and soft to ripe tannin.  A principle grape variety of Chianti.  Great with pasta.


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