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|Sunday| What does a 200 years old wine taste like?

Posted in Wine by Vinum Vine on January 11, 2015

“Despite the fact that it was so amazingly old, there was a freshness to the wine. It wasn’t debilitated in any way. Rather, it had a clear acidity which reinforced the sweetness. Finally, a very clear taste of having been stored in oak casks.”

“Bottles kept at the bottom of the sea are better kept than in the finest wine cellars.”

“Other than a loss of fizziness from the slow loss of air bubbles over the nearly 200 years, the wine tasted exactly the same as it would have back in the 1800s.”

Aaland Finland shipwreck wine bottle

The discovery of 168 bottles of champagne inside a shipwrecked cargo South of Aaland, Finland, five years ago.


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